Marwan’s Life Journey

marwan arabi - psychic and fortune teller in singaporeMarwan Arabi is a world-renowned psychic and fortune-teller hailing from Tripoli, Lebanon. He discovered his gift at the age of 9 and his powers of divination was passed down from his grandmother to his mother and then to him, out of 24 children his father had.

The source of this inherited power is mostly from a 710-year old Genie, who is gypsy in nature.

Marwan relocated to Australia at the age of 12 to begin practising his work. It was there when he met a Scottish astrophysicist who told him that his fate was “aligned to the stars in heaven”.

He left home for the mines of Kalgoorli, Western Australia for 5 years living with the aborigines before having an auto accident that left him “dead” for 2 minutes. He returned from the accident with his powers in full flow after the incident.

Marwan now travels to US, Europe, South America, Middle East and Asia to give advice and divination, with clients residing in 90 countries worldwide.

The length of Marwan’s each visit for fortune telling advice is 10 days, 8 months apart for each area.

It is therefore wise to book him in advance before he reaches your country.

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